FAQ for joining NYCSE

What are NYC Says Enough chapters?

NYC Says Enough chapters are a way to gather young people to work together on anti-gun violence activism in their neighborhoods and cities. We will be providing updates and information to volunteers.

What is a member?

NYC Says Enough members work to help lead administer NYC Says Enough. Members write, research, create graphics and much more to help our organization complete our mission and goals.

What is a volunteer?

Volunteers are apart of our chapters. They work to educate others about gun violence, lobby for legislation that will end gun violence, and spread word about their efforts. They will really be doing work locally with their chapter.

What is the difference between a member and volunteer?

A member works to help lead the entire organization of NYC Says Enough. A volunteer works amongst side other activist to do grassroots activism to fight gun violence. Both a member and a volunteer could do the same amount of work. An example of a member’s work would be to create a script to a state assembly member asking them for a meeting. An example of a volunteer's work would be organizing a call you senator party lobbying for an anti-gun violence bill.

What do I do if I want to join a chapter?

You can sign up to become a volunteer here. We will contact you of there is a chapter near you. If there isn’t a chapter near you, we urge you to create a chapter.

How do you set up a chapter?

We have a chapter guide here. The guide should help you get started and brainstorm ideas on what to do.