Our Current Actions

National March for Survivors

national march for survivors

With the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, 50 members of our present Congress effectively invalidated survivors of sexual assault while welcoming in a Supreme Court Justice who will try to undo the work of those before him and make decisions in an unjust and biased way. On November 6th, we will vote in new representatives; we need to make sure they take immediate action to impeach Kavanaugh. The House of Representatives must start the process of impeachment, and the Senate needs to confirm it with a ⅔ majority. To make sure this happens: we will march. We will march because if any country’s masses can show the government we want to change, we can. We will march to protect our rights - fundamental and necessary. We will march not just to show our representatives in Congress that this is unacceptable, but because the partisan fighting of our nation must end. We want impartial decision making in the highest court in the country. We want the members of our Supreme Court to be justices free of allegations of heinous crimes. We want the laws in our nation to be founded on progressive, not regressive, policy, promising a future brighter, more accepting, and welcoming of everyone around us.

DeVos Letter Protest

DeVos Letter Protest

Secretary of the Department of Education Betsy DeVos wants to use Federal Tax money to arm teachers in schools. This incredibly dangerous proposal will put millions at risk for firearm injury or death. We want to decrease officers in schools as well as guns, not add them. If we put guns in the hands of racist or biased teachers, that will further create an unsafe environment for students of color. Make your voice heard by emailing nycsaysenough@gmail.com, or DM’ing us on Instagram at @nycsaysenough.