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Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights! Know Your Rights!

We are hosting an event called "Know Your Rights" on April 6th, 2019 at 5:00PM at 422 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11221. This event will be an opportunity for constituents to be informed and educated on the rights that they possess in encounters with both ICE officials and confrontations with NYPD officers. Though our primary mission as an organization is to advocate for gun reform, we recognize that the issues of both immigration and police brutality greatly intersect with gun violence; thus, through this event, we plan to highlight this intersectionality while directly educating and assisting constituents who are affected by it. For the “Know Your Rights” event, we will be hosting two panels of politicians, attorneys, a nd public advocates whom constituents will be able to engage in direct conversations with about their rights. One panel will be focused on the rights of youth in police encounters, while the other will be focused on the rights of undocumented immigrants in encounters with ICE officials.

DeVos Letter Protest

DeVos Letter Protest

Secretary of the Department of Education Betsy DeVos wants to use Federal Tax money to arm teachers in schools. This incredibly dangerous proposal will put millions at risk for firearm injury or death. We want to decrease officers in schools as well as guns, not add them. If we put guns in the hands of racist or biased teachers, that will further create an unsafe environment for students of color. Make your voice heard by emailing nycsaysenough@gmail.com, or DM’ing us on Instagram at @nycsaysenough.