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There is not any event horizon - Carlo Maria Pace

DATA DI RILASCIO: 08/11/2019
ISBN: 9788831645997
AUTORE: Carlo Maria Pace

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In questo libro, l'autore, tenendo conto anche del contributo dell'energia potenziale gravitazionale alla determinazione delle masse gravitazionali delle particelle in un campo gravitazionale (contrariamente all'erroneo uso comune), trova che per le particelle con massa a riposo maggiore di zero c'è sempre una velocità di fuga (minore della velocità della luce nel vuoto c) da qualsiasi campo gravitazionale e che le particelle con massa a riposo uguale a zero sono sempre libere di andare via da qualsiasi campo gravitazionale. Conseguentemente, non c'è alcun orizzonte degli eventi, e perciò non c'è alcun buco nero. Inoltre, l'autore mostra anche che la presenza di un orizzonte degli eventi implicherebbe la violazione del principio di conservazione dell'energia. In particolare, tutto questo è confermato anche dalla simmetria rispetto al tempo dell'equazione di campo di Einstein della Teoria della Relatività Generale e dalle soluzioni corrette di tale equazione. Conseguentemente, questo libro può essere utile anche per spiegare in un modo lineare la possibilità del Big Bang e la possibilità di un universo ciclico. Infine, i risultati sperimentali finora sono in accordo con questo libro.

...ctually there that could be touched or anything like that ... The Best Part of Event Horizon - YouTube ... . What's special about an event horizon is that once anything, matter or even light, passes beyond the event horizon, it can never escape from the black hole, and will continue falling towards the center of the black hole, which is ... You'll often read that the event horizon is where the escape velocity is c, the speed of light; that's a not-too-bad description, but it's better to say that the path of any ray of light ... Holy sh*t, impressive that a professor from Berkeley ... There is not any event horizon - Scienza - Scienza ... ... ... Holy sh*t, impressive that a professor from Berkeley can write such staggeringly wrong answers, and post it on a public forum with such staggering confidence. Even more staggering that it gets so many upvotes, quite literally corrupting the value ... Weir: I created the Event Horizon to reach the stars, but she's gone much, much farther than that. She tore a hole in our universe, a gateway to another dimension. A dimension of pure chaos. Pure ... The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration had been awarded a number of prestigious awards and titles for its ground-breaking results in making the first-ever image of a black hole in the galaxy M87. The discovery was announced one year ago , and has been considered as one of the most interesting science stories of 2019. Quorans, we need to join together to put an end to this blight - Time does NOT stop at the event horizon. I can assure you, or you can assure yourself by studying General Relativity, that if you visit any event horizon that you will experience tim... The first image of the what tabby's star looks like. The alien megastructure star KIC 8462852 tabby's star has been closely studied for an object dimming it. Using 1D data points to create a 2D ... Read the excerpt from A Black Hole is NOT a Hole. Any and all events on the Sun remain invisible to you for as long as it is below the horizon. If the Sun suddenly turned purple, you wouldn't see it happen. In a similar way, once an object enters the extreme gravity zone of a black hole, the object disappears from view. Start studying ASTRONOMY HW 10. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Event Horizon is a 1997 science fiction horror film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner.It stars Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan and Joely Richardson.Set in 2047, it follows a crew of astronauts sent on a rescue mission, after a missing spaceship, the Event Horizon, spontaneously appears in orbit around Neptune. ... The 'event horizon' is the boundary defining the region of space around a black hole from which nothing (not even light) can escape.In other words, the escape velocity for an object within the event horizon exceeds the speed of light.The name arises since it is impossible to observe any event taking place inside it - it is a horizon beyond which we cannot see. The Best Part. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. ... The Best Part of Event Horizon MenacingMachina. Loading... No light of any kind, including X-rays, can escape from ins...